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Rastergraf RG-750

MTW rg-750


The RG-750 is a high performance 6U graphics board, powered by the TMS34010 graphics processor, and designed for VMEbus applications. Major features of the RG- 750 are its on-board AFGIS firmware with over 250 highly optimized graphics primitives for easy graphics programing, its ability to support real-time multi-tasking operating systems with its unique pointer based graphics environment, its advanced hardware architecture with mouse and keyboard interfaces, and extensive C programing support.

The RG-750 is ideal for simple embedded system applications, because it is easy to program and because it does its own local graphics processing, freeing the VMEbus host to do other things while the RG-750 is creating graphics in parallel.

The real power and versatility of the RG-750 is evident when it is used with real-time multi-tasking operating systems that require several tasks to independently generate graphics on the video screen. Each task can have its own colors, font, screen position, etc., and can independently create graphics on the video screen without affecting the colors, font, screen position, etc. of any other task.

The combination of advanced hardware architecture, optimized on-board graphics primitives, and extensive C programing support, make the RG-750 an ideal low cost, high performance solution for many of today's challenging graphics opportunities.


  • Programmable Resolutions: 640x480, 800x600 or 1024x768
  • 16/256 Colors
  • Interlaced or non-interlaced video
  • TMS34010 Graphics Processor
  • 1 Mbyte of DRAM (option for 4 Mbytes)
  • 1 Mbyte of VRAM
  • Mouse and Keyboard Interfaces
  • Video DAC with 256x24 color look up table
  • On-board firmware with over 250 highly optimized graphics primitives
  • Fast graphics environment switching, less than 15 usec to support real-time tasks
  • Supports parallel processing for improved system performance
  • Interrupts to and from the VMEbus
  • Sync polarity options & sync on green option


rg-750_manual.pdf RG-750 VME Graphics Board User's Manual (Release 2.0) - Nov 2006


  • afgis-311.pdf AFGIS™ Instruction Set Manual (Version 3.11) - Dec 1994


  • tms34010.pdf TMS34010 Graphics System Processor (GSP) Datasheet - SPVS002C
  • t34010ug.pdf TMS34010 Graphics System Processor (GSP) User's Guide - SPVU001

RAMDAC & Videotiming

  • bt478.pdf Bt471/476/478 80 MHz 256-Word Color Palette RAMDAC
  • bt481.pdf Bt481A 110 MHz 256-Word Color Palette 15-, 16-, and 24-Bit True Color RAMDAC
  • ics2494.pdf ICS2494 Dual Video/Memory Clock Generator


  • scc2691.pdf SCC2691 Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter


  • RG-750 AFGIS v3.11a 12/14/94

Hardware Setup


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