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Transputer Instruction Set

Instruction References

  • no pdf Transputer Instruction Set: An assembler reference guide - 201X

Alongside the "Transputer Instruction Sets" there are five further essential books on this topic:

For a further deep insight of the transputer instruction set you can inspect Julian Highfield emulator source code.

Based on this code there is an enhanced transputer emulator for Windows (x86) called JServer from Gavin Crate, Cambridge, UK.
You can find more information about this notable project here: [transputeremulator]

The Transputer Microcode

For the deepest instruction insight.


  • T212 Microcode - RevA: t212a.rom
  • T222 Microcode - RevC: t222c.rom (T222C is identical to T212A)
  • T225 Microcode - RevC: t225c.rom
  • T414 Microcode - RevA: t414a.rom, RevB: t414b.rom
  • T425 Microcode - RevA: t425a.rom, RevB: t425b.rom, RevC: t425c.rom (T425B is identical to T425C except lddevid)
  • T400 Microcode - RevB: t400b.rom
  • T800 Microcode - RevC: t800c.rom, RevD: t800d.rom (T800C is identical to T800D)
  • T801 Microcode - RevB: t801b.rom,
  • T805 Microcode - RevD: t805d.rom, RevG: t805g.rom (T805D/G is identical to T801B except lddevid)

Beside the picked ROM content I've added also the position of a few microcode bits in every file to create the microcode sequence of every instruction. Those sequences allows me to identify the ftest step microcode addresses for all transputer types.
The remaining bits are further analyzed by Claus Meder and Gavin Crate.


  • T800 Microcode - RevC: t800cfpu.rom, RevD: t800dfpu.rom
  • T801 Microcode - RevB: t801bfpu.rom, (T801B is identical to T800D)
  • T805 Microcode - RevD: t805dfpu.rom, RevG: t805gfpu.rom (T805D/G is identical to T800D)

Easy download of all roms:

Simple Code Lookup

You can specify opcodes like taltwt, fpldnladddb, ajw -4, opr #10 or memory codes like #25 #FD.


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