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This is not a sophisticated help. I try to explain some special features and maybe unobvious things.

Current peck of trouble

  1. TEX to HTML: Tables with additional borders
  2. TEX to HTML: Figures not centered
  3. The background of the 96dpi pictures is not really white
  4. Menu not hideable
  5. ...

Web browser

My resources limits the (non-exhaustive) testing against the following browsers:

  • Microsoft IE8
  • Microsoft IE7
  • Mozilla Firefox 3

I'm sorry if your favorite browser has problems with my site.

NOTE: By default Mozilla Firefox displays the monospace font in size 13 and the proportional font in size 16. This is an inappropriate big offset. To change this setting use: Tools > Options > Content (Fonts & Colors) > Advanced > Monospace Size

Search Query Language

When composing a query, keep in mind a few simple rules:

Words separated by spaces or ordinary punctuation are treated as a phrase. The search will only return documents that contain this phrase. However, words within the phrase which are listed in the noise list (such as a, as, and, but, for, etc.) are ignored completely. Matching is also case-insensitive. So searching for the State; and the County will also match the state of a county.

To search for a phrase that contains quotation marks, or one of the special characters such as an exclamation mark, you have to enclose the whole phrase in quotation marks, and then place double quotation marks where you want a quotation mark to appear. To search for several individual words in a document, you separate the words with a comma. The more that match, however, the better the ranking of the result.

To combine words in the search string, use Boolean operators like this:

Boolean Keywords Shorthand Meaning
Apples AND Pears Apples & Pears Both must exist in the document.
Apples OR Pears Apples | Pears Either must exist in the document.
Apples AND NOT Pears Apples & !Pears The first word must exist in the document, but the second must not.
Apples NEAR Pears Apples ~ Pears Both must exist in the document, and be within 50 words of each other. The closer they are, the higher the ranking in the search result.
@size > 2048 @size > 2048 Document must be larger than 2 KB.
@write > 2007/2/13 10:00:00 @write > 2007/2/13 10:00:00 Files modified after February 13, 2007 at 10:00 GMT.

To go further into this topic please read -> Index Server Query Language.

Search Limits

The maximum number of records a search can return is 100.

If you need more you can also use Google and limit your result set to this site by entering as an additional search term (the words or phrase that best describe the information you want to find) into the search box.

Enable Caption

For captions to display in the stand-alone Windows Media Player, they must usually be turned on manually.

This can be done by selecting View > Captions or View > Now Playing Tools > Captions in older versions of Windows Media Player.
In Windows Media Player 9 or newer, select Play > Captions and Subtitles > On if Available (or English).
In Windows Media Player 10, you may have to enable Tools > Options > Security > Show local captions when present to view local caption files.

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