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Contact Information

Don't hesitate to contact me if you find any bugs or have any suggestions. English isn't my native language, so there are certainly some curiously arranged sentences. Quality is a consciously effectuate characteristic, it doesn't happen automatically.


Dipl.Ing. Michael Brüstle
Apostelgasse 20/31
A-1030 Vienna, AUSTRIA

Latitude: 48°11'55.45"N
Longitude: 16°23'46.77"E
Altitude: 172m


Sorry, it's only a picture


Current Age: 57
Leisure Activities: running and mountain cycling

My mother-tongue is an Austrian dialect. If you really interested in it look at: [red ghörig].
There is also an enjoyable basic course script: [scriptum red ghörig]
Both links are in German.

You can test your new knowledge with the following sentence: "Gomr go ga gigagampfa?".

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