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Transputer Development System Delivery manual

D700D - 1988
INMOS document number: 72-TDS-142-00
39 Pages

© INMOS Limited 1988.


frontcover 72-TDS-142-00

This manual is the "delivery manual" for the Transputer Development System (TDS), describing how to install the software, and giving an overview of the contents of the release. This release of the TDS is the IMS D700D, for the IBM PC and compatibles, and the IMS D800D, for the NEC PC-9801. For the rest of this manual the release will be referred to as the 'D700D'.

The software of the TDS runs on a transputer board attached to the host computer. This may be an IMS B004 or IMS B008 for the IBM PC, an IMS B010 for the NEC PC, or a board compatible with one of these. The binary code of the TDS will run either on an IMS T414 processor (although not a revision A T414) or on an IMS T800. A program called a server runs on the host computer and provides the TDS with access to the keyboard, screen and filing system of the host computer. The TDS can be ported to a different host/transputer board combination by porting the server, and a version of the server written in C is provided for this purpose.

The release consists of nine 360Kbyte floppy disks and a number of manuals. This manual includes the information needed to upgrade from the previous release of the software (the IMS D700C). In addition it gives a list of known bugs and problems with the system, at the time of release.

The other manuals provided with the system are as follows:

  1. occam 2 reference manual.
  2. A tutorial introduction to occam programming.
  3. The transputer development system manual.


1	Introduction

2	Installation instructions
	2.1	Deleting the D700C release
	2.2	Full installation
	2.3	Selective installation
	2.4	Using the system on an NEC PC
	2.5	Setting up the system for use

3	Software contents of the TDS release
	3.1	TDS system
	3.2	Compiler libraries
	3.3	Software tools
	3.4	I/O libraries
	3.5	Maths libraries
	3.6	Tutorial
	3.7	Example programs
	3.8	Server sources

4	The servers

5	Changes since D700C
	5.1	Functional changes to the TDS
	5.2	Changes to existing D700C programs
		5.2.1	EXE programs
		5.2.2	Configuration language
		5.2.3	Lists of abbreviations, retypes and placements
		5.2.4	Protocols
		5.2.5	Program checking rules
		5.2.6	Functions
		5.2.7	Program layout
		5.2.8	Library references
		5.2.9	The libraries

6	The implementation of occam
	6.1	Implementation restrictions
	6.2	Size limitations

7	Known problems
	7.1	The documentation
	7.2	The development environment
	7.3	The servers
	7.4	The compiler utility set
	7.5	The file handling utility set
	7.6	The debugger
	7.7	The tools
	7.8	The libraries
	7.9	The examples and tutorial

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