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IMS B003 Evaluation Board User Manual

May 1986
INMOS document number: 72-BRD-018-00
28 Pages


The IMS B003 evaluation board is a double extended Eurocard containing four T414 transputers, each with 256 Kbytes of dynamic RAM.

The board is one of a family of compatible evaluation boards, and is the first in this family to include more than one transputer. The B003 will normally be used with one of these other evaluation boards, from which programs are downloaded to the B003. This manual assumes the user has, and is familiar with, such an evaluation board.

This manual details the product specific aspects of the IMS B003, and contains all the data necessary to power up, test and program the board.

Other information relevant to all transputer products is contained in the occam programming manual (supplied with INMOS software products and available as a separate publication), and the transputer reference manual (supplied with this board). This board is designed to be used in conjunction with a transputer development system, and reference should be made to the transputer development system user manual (supplied with the development system), for details of how to compile and load programs for a network of boards.

Two application notes are particularly relevant to the B003. One (The design of a multitransputer evaluation board) describes the B003 design and how the four transputers and their RAM were put into the small area they occupy. The other (Configuring various networks using the IMS B003) gives diagrams and occam configuration programs for a wide variety of networks. These include a ring, a square array, a 'butterfly' - folded binary structure, and a hypercube. The application note also shows how to bootstrap a fully connected network.

The aim of this tutorial is to introduce the reader to concurrent programming using the occam language. It will provide examples of occam programs, and discuss the novel concepts which occam employs. It is not however the definitive guide to the syntax of occam; that you will find in the Formal Definition by David May which forms the second half of this book.


1	Getting started with IMS B003

	1.1	Opening the bag
	1.2	Mounting the board for use
	1.3	Power supply
	1.4	Connecting up to the power supply
	1.5	Checking the setting of the coding switches
	1.6	Connecting The B003 to another evaluation board
	1.7	Testing the board

2	Evaluation board architecture

	2.1	Links
	2.2	System control through the Up and Down sockets
	2.3	Edge connector pinout

3	Configuring a B003 into a transputer system

4	IMS B003 Evaluation board accessories

5	IMS B003 Component layout

6	IMS B003 Logic diagram

7	Notes (empty)

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