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Geraint Jones, Michael Goldsmith

Programming in occam®2

Web Edition, 2001.
© Geraint Jones 1987, 2001.
Permission is granted to copy this material for private study; for other uses please contact the authors.

This book was published in the Prentice Hall International Series in Computer Science in 1988, and is no longer in print in its physical form. The web edition is mechanically produced from the sources of the paper edition, and retains its page structure. Each chapter is provided as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file, and the texts of the programs in the appendix are also given in plain text.

  • contents.pdf Contents
  • preface.pdf Preface
  • introduction.pdf An introduction to occam
  • data.pdf Data
  • assignment.pdf Assignment and communication
  • processes.pdf Processes
  • abbreviation.pdf Abbreviation and abstraction
  • time.pdf Local time
  • configuration.pdf Configuration
  • structures.pdf Programming structures
  • interrupts.pdf Handling interrupts
  • formatted.pdf Formatted input and output
  • matrix.pdf Parallel matrix multiplication
  • monitoring.pdf Monitoring communication
  • life.pdf Conway's game of Life
  • huffman.pdf Huffman minimum redundancy coding
  • report.pdf The occam2 notation
  • codes.pdf Codes of the programs
    • code-blocks.pdf Packing and unpacking routines (text)
    • code-sorter.pdf Distributed implementation of buffers (text)
    • code-farm.pdf Process farming (text)
    • code-interrupts.pdf Handling interrupts (text)
    • code-formatted.pdf Formatted input and output (text)
    • code-matrix.pdf Parallel matrix multiplier (text)
    • code-multiplex.pdf Monitoring communication (text)
    • code-life.pdf Conway's game of Life (text)
    • code-huffman.pdf Simple Huffman coder (text)
    • code-adaptive.pdf Adaptive Huffman coder (text)
  • bibliography.pdf Bibliography
  • index.pdf Index
  • occam-3-88.pdf ERRATA (9 February 1990)

A German language edition of this book is available under the title Programmieren in occam 2, translated by Dieter Weiß, published by Carl Hanser Verlag, München and Wien, ISBN 3-446-15818-9, 1990.

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