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Memory Databook

First Edition 1989
INMOS document number: 42-1261-00
200 Pages

© INMOS Limited 1989. INMOS reserves the right to make changes in specifications at any time and without notice. The information furnished by INMOS in this publication is believed to be accurate; however, no responsibility is assumed for its use, nor for any infringement of patents or other rights of third parties resulting from its use. No license is granted under any patents, trademarks or other rights of INMOS.


frontcover 42-1261-00

Preface and Selection Guide

High performance memory devices form an integral part of the INMOS product range. The INMOS Memory Databook has been published to provide comprehensive information regarding the current range of INMOS memory devices.

NMOS RAMs (Military Only)
Organisation Type Device Speed(ns) Packages
16K x 1StaticIMS1400M45, 55, 70S, N, Y
4K x 4StaticIMS1420M55,70S, N, Y
64K x 1DynamicIMS2600M100, 120, 150S, N, K


CMOS Static RAMs
Organisation Commercial Military Packages*
Device Speed(ns) Device Speed(ns)
4K x 1IMS120325, 35, 45IMS1203M25, 35, 45P, S, A
1K x 4IMS122325, 35, 45IMS1223M25, 35, 45P, S, A
16K x 1IMS140325, 35, 45, 55IMS1403M(1)35, 45, 55P, S, W, N
4K x 4IMS142325, 35, 45, 55IMS1423M35, 45, 55P, S, E, W, Y, N
64K x 1IMS1600(1)25, 30, 35, 45, 55IMS1600M(1)45, 55, 70P, S, E, W, N
16K x 4IMS162025, 30, 35, 45, 55IMS1620M(1)45, 55, 70P, S, E, W, N
16K x 4IMS1624(2)25, 30, 35, 45, 55IMS1624M(1)45, 55, 70P, S, E, W, N
8K x 8  IMS1630M(1)45, 55, 70S, N

(1) Low-power/battery back-up versions available.
(2) With Output Enable function.

* Solder dip lead finish available for all products, refer to Appendix D for details.

The databook comprises a selection guide, INMOS overview and engineering data for the current range of commercial and military memory devices. Additional information is provided detailing military qualification, quality and reliability information and general information covering thermal performance, product numbering, packaging and ordering.

All INMOS military products are designed to satisfy the requirements of a military environment in terms of temperature and reliability under adverse conditions. The majority of the military versions of INMOS memory devices fully comply with MIL-STD-883C and the US Government Standard Military Drawing (SMD) Program.

In addition to memory devices, the INMOS product range also includes transputer products, digital signal processing devices and graphics devices. For further information concerning INMOS products, please contact your local sales outlet.


	Preface and Selection Guide

	1.1	Introduction
	1.2	Static RAMs
	1.3	Manufacturing
	1.4	Assembly
	1.5	Test
	1.6	Quality and reliability
	1.7	Military
	1.8	Future developments
		1.8.1	Research and Development
		1.8.2	Process developments
	1.9	Package developments

2	Commercial RAMs
		IMS1203		(4K) 4Kx1 CMOS Static RAM
		IMS1223		(4K) 1Kx4 CMOS Static RAM
		IMS1403		(16K) 16Kx1 CMOS Static RAM
		IMS1423		(16K) 4Kx4 CMOS Static RAM
		IMS1600/IMS1601	(64K) 64Kx1 CMOS Static RAM
		IMS1620		(64K) 16Kx4 CMOS Static RAM
		IMS1624		(64K) 16Kx4 (OE) CMOS Static RAM

3	Military RAMs
		IMS1203M	(4K) 4Kx1 CMOS Static RAM
		IMS1223M	(4K) 1Kx4 CMOS Static RAM
		IMS1400M	(16K) 16Kx1 NMOS Static RAM
		IMS1403M/LM	(16K) 16Kx1 CMOS Static RAM
		IMS1420M	(16K) 4Kx4 NMOS Static RAM
		IMS1423M	(16K) 4Kx4 CMOS Static RAM
		IMS1600M/1601LM	(64K) 64Kx1 CMOS Static RAM
		IMS1620M/LM	(64K) 16Kx4 CMOS Static RAM
		IMS1624M/LM	(64K) 16Kx4 (OE) CMOS Static RAM
		IMS1630MI/LM	(64K) 8Kx8 CMOS Static RAM
		IMS2600M	(64K) 64Kx1 NMOS Dynamic RAM

A Military qualification
	A.1 Military qualification
		A.1.1 Military product program
		A.1.2 Standard military drawing program

B Cross reference
	B.1 Product Cross Reference
	B.2 Standard Military Drawing Reference

C Quality and reliability
	C.1 Total quality control (TQC) and reliability program
	C.2 Quality and reliability in design
	C.3 Document control
	C.4 New product qualification
	C.5 Product monitoring programme
	C.6 Production testing and quality monitoring procedure
		C.6.1 Reliability testing
		C.6.2 Production testing
		C.6.3 Quality monitoring procedure
		Material procurement and product flow diagram

D General information
	D.1 Thermal considerations
		D.1.1 Thermal resistance
		D.1.2 Junction temperature
		D.1.3 K-Factor and θja Measurement
		D.1.4 Factors affecting θja
	D.2 Packaging information
	D.3 Product numbering, package designators and ordering information

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